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European Windows In the USA

At Ikon Windows, we are proud to provide European windows in the USA. We have compiled a list of our top 7 most ordered European windows and doors.


Ikon’s Tilt & Turn windows use the finest multi-point hardware sets available to ensure a smooth and effortless operation. These windows can both swing in and tilt it with a simple turn of our functional handle. When turning the handle 90 degrees, the window will swing fully open and allows you to get a full breeze. By turning the handle 180 degrees, you tilt the window and can vent from the top. Our Tilt & Turn windows are safe and have superior air sealing due to our multi-point locking mechanism. The tilt and turn window is the most popular window option in Passive home and other high energy-efficient buildings.

2. Tilt & turn Hidden Sash

The main difference between this window and our traditional Tilt & Turn is the hidden sash profile, which makes it look like a fixed window! The design enables the windows to keep the sash hidden from the outside. This feature makes it impossible to tell the fixed areas from those which have an opening. The concealed sash matches the fixed windows creating a clean, cohesive look. Another added benefit of this system is the ability to cover up a majority of the outer frame. This will give sleek sightlines.


In this standard window, the hidden hinges are concealed within the sash of the window. If you desire clean sightlines and a minimal profile, this is the window for you. This refined aesthetic enhances any surroundings. When you close the window, the only hardware visible is the handle.


Ikon Window’s European Lift & Slide doors are engineered to achieve superior performance, weather-tightness, and smooth operation. Their expansive openings make them a perfect option to showcase views and allow a smooth transition from the outdoors to indoors.  The Lift & Slide door also available up to 40′ in length offering extraordinary doorways to panoramic views.


A French door is a double swinging door with glass panes extending for most of its length. Ikon’s French doors offer a classic design with a modern presence. They are elegant and timeless, energy-efficient, and available in different profiles to match project style. Our French doors can be inswing or outswing to allow floor plan optimization. They are a functional and elegant way to allow natural light to fill your home.


Fixed windows are windows that do not open for ventilation. These windows are designed to let in light and add expansive views.  Ikon fixed windows are available in large sizes and are built to match the sightlines of accompanying operable windows for a cleaner, more contemporary look. Our fixed windows are built with high-quality precision hardware to offer superior thermal performance.


We are known for our European Tilt & Turn windows; however, at Ikon, we also pride ourselves on our entry doors. Our entry doors feature a multi-point locking system, which makes it great for anti-burglary. Ikon doors are also very well thermally and acoustically insulated. An entry door can range from a full-lite door or decorative door- the possibilities are nearly endless with customizable design options creating a truly unique entry door for your home.

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