This frame is the perfect mixture between performance and aesthetics. The Alu8 is able to reach Passive house u values and be available in both regular and hidden sash profiles. It also offers optimal acoustics performance with OITC values up to 40. This system is intended for windows, doors as well as storefronts.

Techincal Details

01 Depth of frame

Depth of Frame 86mm (3.4”)

02 Number of Gaskets

Triple Gasket

03 Glazing Range

Glazing up to 2.65” thick

04 Max number of panes

Upto 4 pane glass packs available

05 Available in

Hidden Sash & Hidden Hinges

06 Acoustic

OITC value up to 40 OITC

07 Available with

Aerogel inserts

Available In

  • Tilt and turn
  • Fixed
  • Outswing casement
  • Balcony doors
  • Entry doors